Striving for Integrated Behavioral Health Equity for the LGBTQIA+ Community 

Posted 6/22/2022 (updated 2/21/2024)

In this office hour session, Dr. Alex Keuroghlian will discuss best practices in providing integrated behavioral health care for the LGBTQIA+ community. This session will contextualize behavioral health inequities across diagnostic categories within a minority stress framework, propose culturally responsive tailoring of evidence-based clinical practices, and offer strategies for building integrated, inclusive, affirming, and trauma-informed systems of care in order to optimize behavioral health outcomes for LGBTQIA+ patients. After this session, attendees will be able to:  

  • Describe unique integrated behavioral health needs for the LGBTQIA+ community  
  • Explain how to tailor evidence-based behavioral health interventions in order to provide culturally responsive clinical care for LGBTQIA+ patients  
  • Apply behavioral health integration and trauma-informed strategies at the systems level to improve behavioral health outcomes for LGBTQIA+ patients