Integration of Oral Health and Behavioral Health Virtual Learning Collaborative: Overview of Mental Health and Oral Behavioral Health Didactic Session

Posted 2/7/2023

Research shows direct links between oral health, behavioral health, and physical health. Understanding these relationships supports care providers positively impacting their patient's overall health. The first didactic session of this Virtual Learning Collaborative discusses the evidence and value for integrating oral and behavioral health, provides key education points to raise awareness about the relationship between oral and behavioral health, and offers a framework and resources for implementing oral and behavioral health integration.

Presenters: Daniel McNeil, PhD; Tamanna Tiwari, MPH, MDS, BDS

Dr. Daniel McNeil, PhD, is a clinical health psychologist and professor and chair for the Department of Community dentistry at the University of Florida and a distinguished scientist whose major research focus are on behavioral and social determinants of oral health and its relation to overall health. His efforts are on elevating the role and inclusion of behavioral and social sciences in the oral health practice. In basic behavioral and social research, he has contributed to the conceptual understanding of the psychopathological manifestations in mental health disorders, as well as acute and chronic orofacial pain. 

Tamanna Tiwari, MPH, MDS, BDS, is a dentist and dental public health specialist specializing in integrating behavioral health and oral health. Her efforts have focused on transdisciplinary behavioral and social aspects of dentistry, and she has expertise in oral health literacy, oral health behaviors, and their impact on oral and overall health. Her work sheds light on models of integrating medical, behavioral, and dental care and its critical role in positive patient outcomes and provider engagement.