Understanding Social Determinants of Health: Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities in Integrated Care

Posted 4/20/2021

Presented by Maxine Fuller, M.S. For more than eight years, Ms. Fuller was an International Consultant for The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Fuller has also worked with U.S. government agencies to develop and deliver training programs focused on diversity and inclusion, substance abuse prevention and treatment, community engagement, and strategic planning. She currently teaches nonprofit management and leadership courses as an adjunct professor in the Andrew Young School of Public Policy at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

COVID has exposed myriad ways that minority populations and chronically underserved communities experience disproportionate physical and behavioral health disparities. This webinar will present recent epidemiological data outlining these health disparities, discusses social determinants that contribute to health outcomes within these populations, and presents strategies that can be employed to simultaneously integrate behavioral health needs within your health center while working to reduce health disparities in the communities you serve.