Community of Practice: Implementing Telehealth to Sustain Integrated Behavioral Health

Posted 3/15/2021 (updated 3/25/2024)

This resource page provides the 508 compliant PowerPoint slides from the CoP on Supporting Behavioral Health Integration into Your Health Center. The CoP session topics are identified below:

  1. Language and Lessons Learned
  2. Frameworks and Influences on Telehealth: Challenges and Opportunities
  3. Culture, Staffing Roles, and Change Management in Integrated Telehealth
  4. Process and Workflows
  5. Special Behavioral Health Topics for Telehealth
  6. Technology, Data Collection Strategies, and Data Integration
  7. Provider Readiness to Engage in Telehealth and Addressing the Digital Divide
  8. Patient Experience in Telehealth: Measuring the Patient Telehealth Experience
  9. Financial, Documentation and Regulatory Requirements for Telehealth
  10. Putting it All Together: Change Management for Implementation

We will continue to post session slide decks to this resource page when they are finalized.