Billing and Coding Best Practices to Sustain Integrated Behavioral Health Services Office Hours

Posted 5/3/2022 (updated 2/21/2024)

Cherokee Health Systems’ strategy for integrated behavioral health financial sustainability includes aspects of credentialing, scheduling, documentation, coding, and quality/value. This 60-minute, virtual peer learning office hours event is geared toward behavioral health service providers and individuals within health centers tasked with documenting, billing, and coding integrated behavioral health services. This event included an interactive presentation of integrated behavioral health documentation and billing and coding to support financial sustainability and an overview of a billing and coding decision tree for behavioral health consultant services. The presentation will include discussion and interactive activities providing clinical encounter examples to determine corresponding CPT codes and diagnosis. The remainder of the event will include a facilitated discussion with subject matter expert presenters to support participants with specific questions related to integrated behavioral health services documentation, billing, and coding.  

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