Addressing Substance Misuse and Use Disorder in a Healthcare Setting Community of Practice

Posted 9/27/2022 (updated 2/21/2024)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, concern has grown around the increasing reports of substance misuse and substance use disorders. Provisional data, capturing the time period of November 2019–October 2021, indicate a jump in the number of overdose deaths, often occurring with a combination of substances including synthetic opioids as well as stimulants.

This biweekly, 8-session CoP will include strategies to help health centers address these challenging circumstances. Approaches to treatment and support for these patients in the emergency department, from screening through assessment, and the key considerations to ensure optimal care transitions will be featured. Other topics will include helping staff address stigma, reduce risk of overdose, and support harm reduction strategies, and approaches to person-centered, culturally responsive treatment. Below are titles for each of the CoP sessions:

  1. Orientation
  2. Screening and Intervening
  3. Brief Consultation
  4. Trauma & SUD: The Many Faces of Trauma
  5. Evidence-based Cultural Relevance in SUD Responses
  6. Bias & Stigma: Reflecting Upon Own Biases
  7. Brief Interventions to Modulate Distress in Clinical Settings
  8. Wrap-up Session